Adult Faith Formation


    The R.C.I.A. program is designed for adults who have never been baptized, or have been baptized into another denomination and are interested in becoming Catholic. Any Catholic who has not received the Sacraments of Holy Communion and/or Confirmation will receive preparation for those Sacraments.

    Catholics who wish to know more about their faith or are seeking a refresher course are also welcome. Participants choose a sponsor to help guide them along the way, and they also meet regularly with the entire group from October through April, concluding with the participants receiving the Sacraments they are seeking. Father Santy leads the presentations and promotes open discussions with questions and answers.

    Alpha is a series of sessions exploring our Christian faith, consisting of 3 parts: a meal, a video and discussion. Embrace your faith and prepare yourself to be better equipped at sharing your faith, welcoming, and serving others. EVERYONE from the Circle of Faith is invited and ENCOURAGED to attend! Join us for dinner and a little time with God! To sign up or for more information, contact any of the parish offices or call/text Curt Nelson at 920-217-8271 or email at

    Our last Alpha course was held on Sunday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30 PM at St. Joseph’s in Kellnersville, in September 2019 .Diocese Link

  • Post-Alpha Discipleship Options

    The Office of Parish Evangelization will soon be rolling out post-Alpha training for parishes at each of the vicariates or regionally throughout the Diocese of Green Bay. These post-Alpha workshops will include training on setting up an Alpha. Diocese Link

  • Adoration/bible study

    Every Wednesday, 5am-6am All Saints, Denmark followed by 1 hour faith sharing.


    The Circle of Faith parishes work together in providing continued adult enrichment under the guidance of Deacon Dave Scheuer and Deacon Dan Gray. Please check back for opportunities.

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