•     A special program for toddlers called “Churchtime” is offered during the Sunday morning Mass throughout the school year. It is held weekly unless there are conflicts with space in the parish hall. September 18 is the first Churchtime for 2022.

         Children ranging in age from 3 (or potty trained) to those in 1st grade are welcome to participate. Before the readings at Mass, the children who wish to participate are given a blessing and dismissed to the parish hall. There, a catechist will tell the message of the day’s Gospel in words and activities that the youngsters can understand. There are finger plays, songs, games, rhymes and a simple craft. Then, when the homily has concluded in church, the children return to Mass to rejoin their family. A parent is welcome to accompany their child if that would make them more comfortable. 
         During t
    he entire year, children are offered their own “bulletin” and a small pack of crayons when they enter church. In this way, they will have something that connects to the Mass that weekend to help occupy their time.


  •      The Churchtime Program is open to parishioners as well as visitors at Mass. If you have questions about this ministry, or would like to get involved with it, please contact Mrs. Hickey, Coordinator.

  • Churchtime Coordinator