Current Events

  • Parish Feast Day - July 25, 2021 Celebration

       Parishioners and friends of St. James Parish gathered to honor and pray to their parish patron, St. James the Greater, on Sunday morning, July 25, 2021. The regular 8am Mass took place at the altar in the cemetery, and a specially made canvas image of St. James was carried in procession and blessed .

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  •   The Cross of St. James
           There is a sword-cross known as the "Cross of St James."  It is a red cross flory, or flowered cross over a white field, where the shape of the cross is the blade of a sword. The sword hearkens to James’ method of death—decapitation by a sword. Certainly, it could represent using the sword in defense of Christianity as well. The other ends of the cross are in a fleur-de-lis pattern and represent “honor without stain,” a tribute to the life of James the Greater.  The sword shaped base is also thought to have assisted knights and pilgrims to plant the actual cross in the ground along their journeys, giving them opportunity to worship their God.
       The red military cross of St James of Compostela is one of Galicia's oldest national symbols and can often be found in Galician heraldry and iconography.