• Hero Hotline
    Summer 2023

    Kids were on call at the Hero Hotlilne at the summer Fun & Faith week. Over 30 participants from St. James and surrounding parishes enjoyed interactive, energizing, Bible-based good times on their quest to serve God through his Hero Hotline. Kids joined the Professor and Super Meer as young Heroes learned to strive for the things that bring peace and the things that build each other up! 

    At the center of the Hero Hotline was the Hero Hotline Headquarters, situated in a colorful underground cave. Here, Kids (or "Heroes") learned from the Professor, along with Super Meer (an adorable meerkat puppet), about the Hotline Tips (Daily Learnings).

    The students expanded on what they discovered by making their own art projects in Arts & Crafts, singing new songs in Music, playing outside games, and enjoying tasty treats during Snack Time.

    Hero Hotline Photo Album

  • Rocky Railway
    Summer 2022

    The train has left the station.

    What a wonderful week for everyone who participated and all who volunteered for this program. It was amazing!

    Rocky Railway Photo Album