• Faith Formation RE Coordinator
    Angela Oswald


    Partnership with Parents

    Parents, you are the primary influence in the development of your child’s religious faith.  We thank you for allowing us to participate in the Christian formation of your child(ren). We can only hope to spark an interest and enthusiasm that you will continue to develop, nourish, and nurture in your own homes. Students’ attitudes towards Holy Mass, the Sacraments, prayer, service to others, and their commitment to Jesus will grow from your examples and everyday family experiences.  We will do our best to provide your child(ren) with religious education and prayerful experiences, that we  pray will grow in a deeper faith relationship with God our Father and Savior.

    Program Information

    Enrollment in St. Joseph's Religious Education program for students in grades 1 through 11 is open to parish and non-parish members.  Our  2022-2023 program fee for parish members is $70.00 per student and $85.00 per student for non-parish members.  Tuition assistance is available.  Please contact the parish office at 920-732-3770.

    Classes are held Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm in the Parish Religion Education Center starting September 7, 2022 through March 29, 2023.

    Students are required to attend the scheduled sessions in order to move to the next grade level.  Yearly attendance will be required in order to receive all sacraments.  Missing an entire year of classes will require the student to make up the missed curriculum.

    FIRST RECONCILIATION - Students in Grade 2 receive this sacrament prior to receiving First Eucharist.  This sacrament will be experienced in November.

    RECONCILIATION - Students in Grade 3-11 will receive this sacrament annually.  This sacrament will be experienced in November.

    FIRST HOLY COMMUNION - Students in Grade 2 receive this sacrament in May. Parents or Guardians will be required to attend the “Bread Retreat” with their children and also will be asked to assist the Catechist in these preparations as needed at home.

    CONFIRMATION - Students in Grade 11 will receive this sacrament.  In December students will be given a detailed set of guidelines and a text book that will be used as they begin their preparation. These materials must be shared with their parent/guardian and sponsor. Candidates must experience a retreat. They will also be interviewed prior to the Confirmation ceremony.  Attendance and participation are strict requirements to receive this sacrament.

    If you have questions about the Religious Education Program at St. Joseph, or would like to get involved, please contact the parish office or Angela Oswald, Coordinator of Religious Education.